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F E A T U R E D  P R O J E C T S


Boca Chica Boulevard Commercial Plaza Proposal. Located in Brownsville, Texas.


This warm contemporary interior space is designed to shine within a rustic/industrial setting, skillfully orchestrating an optimal equilibrium between comfort and convenience.

In collaboration with JC Archtiecture Design. We are pleased with the end result. Located in Brownsville, Texas.


CG Visuals specializes in producing photorealistic architecture Renderings & animations in both Commercial & Residential Applications. 3D Renderings allow Projects to be showcased in their best light, helping them to be sold at a faster rate, while also allowing new constructions to be seen without construction ever starting saving precious money down the line.



Provides visualization tools for both exterior & interior spaces allowing consumers to make an educated decision on their Project. 2D Colorized Plat maps, 3D Floor plans, Realistic Perspective Shots, etc

Roofed Retail


Providing visualization tools for interior and exterior spaces-in aerial, street and artistic perspectives. From plaza's and multi-unit housing to retail projects, our experience speaks for itself.


CG Visuals is a product of two Freelancers working together to elevate designers & Architects projects to the next level through the use of Architecture Visualizations. With over half a decade of experience and multiple degrees in architecture, 3D Modeling, & Drafting, CG Visuals has been able to provide High Quality Renders that enhance their partners projects. CG Visuals is always excited to further their knowledge and strives to become a serious Competitor in the Archviz Industry.

         "“We take pride in what we do, and we want our work to speak for itself. A project is not complete until it is up to our high standards.”

-Jose Chavez (Founder of CG Visuals)


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