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CG Visuals is a product of two Freelancers working alongside "Designers & Architects" to bring their projects to the next level. With over half a decade of experience and multiple degrees in architecture, 3D Modeling, & Drafting, CG Visuals has been able to provide High Quality Renders that enhance their partner's projects. 



CG Visuals maintain themselves to a high standards providing multiple revisions to ensure client's standards are met. With every project, they strive to learn something new and become better every time. CG Visuals use their free time to learn different software and techniques that lead them to higher quality.



CG Visuals is always excited to further their knowledge and strive to become a serious Competitor in the Architecture Visualization Industry. CG Visuals aims to be Internationally known through quality of work and their ability to help clients elevate their Architecture projects. 


Jose Chavez (Founder of CG Visuals)

"“We take pride in what we do, and we want our work to speak for itself. A project is not complete until it is up to our high standards.”
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